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Insurance Agent and Broker Information

Systems that may have been unavailable immediately following conversion are now up and running and over 300 thousand legacy People’s United customers have successfully logged in. Still, we recognize some customers continue to be challenged with first time log in and passwords and we’re all-hands-on-deck to FSCLC help them through the process. Find an approved human trafficking prevention training course before renewing your healthcare practitioner license. Stay on top of our digital communications by signing up for our mailing list. Receive all of our press releases, updates, and industry news right in your inbox.

  • Division of Financial Regulation Protecting Oregonians’ access to fair products and services through education, regulation, and consumer assistance.
  • The Financial Services Commission is an integrated regulator of financial services brought into existence by the Financial Services Commission Act, August 2001.
  • If an application is made after 31st December, the licensee must provide the Commission with an acceptable justification for its failure to apply within the period described above.
  • To supervise and control Licensed Investment Services Companies, Collective Investment Schemes, investment consultants and mutual fund management companies.
  • FPAC, Bullish, Bullish Global and their respective directors and executive officers, other members of management and employees may be considered participants in the solicitation of proxies with respect to the potential transaction described in this communication under the rules of the SEC.

Hence, the Commission may require that the host regulator sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Commission as a condition of final approval to the establishment of a branch, subsidiary, or representative office. Ii) applicant has conducted business in Belize over a period which FSCLC allows the Commission to assess its readiness to set up an overseas branch, subsidiary, or representative office. The FSC was established against the background of a comprehensive set of legislative and institutional reforms since the financial sector crisis of the mid-1990s.

Miscellaneous Commission Rules

This SEC practice is designed to limit excessive automated searches on and is not intended or expected to impact individuals browsing the website. To ensure our website performs well for all users, the SEC monitors the frequency of requests for content to ensure automated searches do not impact the ability of others to access content. We reserve the right to block IP addresses that submit excessive requests.

The information on this website is not suitable for distribution or use by anyone in any of the aforementioned jurisdictions. All licensees are expected to adhere to the Commission’s licensing and other requirements and ongoing supervisory programmes, including periodic on-site inspections, and required regulatory reporting. Licensees are also expected to conduct their affairs in conformity with all other legal requirements in Belize. The requirements for licenses and registration vary, guidelines, document checklists and application forms can be found online at by clicking on the Registration Information link under each Division tab on the left of the Home page. Partners in the fields of banking, insurance, securities, and captive insurance can find information on our website about conducting businesses in Vermont.


To determine if an individual or entity is licensed to sell insurance in New York, use the Producer/Licensee Search option. And at least three hours of enhanced flood insurance instruction if the licensee sells flood insurance through the NFIP.

“Securing this license signals that the Bullish exchange is a platform that institutional and retail users can trust. It also underscores our commitment to client protection, compliance and industry-leading security ahead of launching the exchange, and continues our progress towards going live. We believe Gibraltar’s commitment to a regulatory framework that fosters collaboration has spurred our industry forward and will enable wider adoption of digital assets,” Blumer added. At the hearing, the Attorney General’s office or an attorney from DIFS Office of General Counsel office will represent DIFS. In a case where DIFS seeks to revoke, suspend, or impose a fine or other penalty against a license, DIFS has the burden of proving by a preponderance of evidence that the action they took against the licensee was proper.

Financial Services and Commission Licence Regulator

As wait times at call centers and branches were still higher than acceptable, we’ve boosted those resources further to help ensure any lingering challenges are resolved for our customers. We’ve redeployed staff from all over the bank to speak to customers and extended our call center hours this weekend to help our customers.

Regulated entities

The licensee may be represented by an attorney in the hearing and may cross examine DIFS’ witnesses or challenge documents. After DIFS’ side has finished, the licensee can present witnesses or documents. DIFS may cross examine the licensee’s witnesses or challenge Petitioner’s documents. A person challenging the denial of an application for a new license or seeking reinstatement of a suspended or revoked license has the burden of proof and presents the case first. Each side then has an opportunity to provide a statement supporting why the ALJ should, based upon the facts presented, find in favor of their side of the case. The parties may be permitted or ordered to file post hearing briefs. Kohle Capital Markets Limited does not provide services to residents of certain jurisdictions including the United States, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea .

Please note that the Commission will be unable to process any applications for authorization to establish or acquire a branch, subsidiary, or representative office if it does not meet all requirements/conditions as set out in these Guidelines. Notwithstanding submission of all required documents, the Commission reserves the right to reject an application if it is considered that the interest of clients or potential clients of the licensee would be threatened by its establishment of an overseas branch, subsidiary, or representative office. The Office of Consumer Finance regulates 16 types of businesses that provide a variety of consumer financial services. The purpose of the Financial Services Commission is to safeguard the public by regulating the banking, securities, and insurance industries. The commission includes the Governor and Cabinet , which appoint the officials who oversee the Offices of Financial Regulation and Insurance Regulation . OFR regulates the banking, finance, and securities industries in Florida, and OIR regulates the state’s insurance industry. Effective supervision of overseas branches, subsidiaries and representative offices cannot be achieved without the host regulator’s cooperation in the exchange of supervisory and other information.

Welcome to Financial Institutions

If you are one of our customers that is still in need of support, we offer different avenues for you to get that support. Assisting and ensuring regulatory compliance of Insurance companies operating in Arizona. The Department of Financial Services supervises many different types of institutions. Supervision by DFS may entail chartering, licensing, registration requirements, examination, and more. If you are a Prelicensing or Continuing Education Provider looking for Resources related to registration, renewals or filings please visit the Insurance Education Provider section of our website.

Financial Regulation

The mind & management of the operations are conducted from the location of the licensee in Belize. The character, competence, and experience of those who will run the overseas branch, subsidiary, or representative office. Co-ordinate public education programmes and industry workshops to discuss, introduce, amend or highlight regulatory requirements and matters. Examine company records at least annually to ensure compliance with regulations. Here you can find more details about our regulation and the financial authorities that we are registered, authorized and licensed by. If a user or application submits more than 10 requests per second, further requests from the IP address may be limited for a brief period. Once the rate of requests has dropped below the threshold for 10 minutes, the user may resume accessing content on

Department of Insurance and Financial Services

The office defends the public from investment and securities fraud, and protects Florida’s citizens against entities that violate state laws and rules. The OFR has three Divisions and one Bureau that oversee and regulate financial enterprises and individuals, such as mortgage loan originators, securities industry participants, consumer finance companies, money transmitters, foreign currency exchangers and payday lenders. The Financial Services Commission (“the Commission”) is an independent statutory body established in 2001. The Office of Consumer Finance also enforces statutes and regulations that protect New Jersey consumers in financial services matters.

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