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Lost three orders

Once the users fill in the fields and click “Login”, the entered information is transmitted to the scammers who can then access the victims’ personal accounts. The menu tabs and other links on the phishing page are often inactive, so clicking on them will not take users to the appropriate page. However, in some cases, phishers imitate all links on the page so that users do not have any doubt about its legitimacy. Sometimes the design of the page imitates the official site but does not copy it completely. If you have a closer look at the details, you will see some differences between the designs of the real and the fake pages. However, most users do not pay attention to small details and this carelessness helps the scammers to steal personal information.

  • And now she not respond to my chat.
  • The thing is wait until when ?
  • Very informative and precise information.
  • Parcel logistics send me msg from Whatsapp ask me to pay for Transit fee which amounting 10 thousand pesos.

In acknowledgment to this email, Account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package). Thank you, as i hope i have made myself clear to you by this notice as directed by the management. To do this, you are required to pay the required Charges listed below for the immediate release of your package. Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your designated address above under few hours.

No communication from the delivery driver when delivering parcel,

This becomes obvious when you hover on the link. Email addresses which closely resemble companies’ legitimate public addresses. Generally, they use the name of the company (DHL INC, TNT COURIER SERVICE, Fedex, etc.) as the sender name. The name of the mailbox often includes the words info, service, noreply, mail, support which are typical of email addresses used to send official notifications. The server domain name often has a real or very plausible company domain.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

I was just trying to get information about a company called Global Link Delivery Service. Trying to see if anyone ever did business with them before. As a rule I wouldn’t pay for anything I didn’t mean to buy, including unexpected parcels. Grammar and spelling mistakes.

Check for Red Flags

But company asked me to pay 3000 euro for shippin to some person in Bulgary in other case they will open the box. Links with different addresses.

You as a company should be very happy & happy of the customer service she is giving to everyone. So glad in seeing her back delivering my parcels. Still waiting for my next day delivery which was due 24/11 (now 27/11).

i-Parcel is worst shipping service.

I just receive an email today that i have package and i need to pay today so they can give me the tracking number and the website of the courrier company. Products keep getting held in various countries, they keep asking for more money for VAT and taxes, keep claiming I will be reimbursed once my products are delivered. Also asked for another $800 as my products were on hold for COVID insurance?

Lost three orders

The company was also banned from North Carolina and ordered to refund its customers. And it’s not just customers and retailers who trust us. We’ve won loads of industry awards over the years celebrating our achievements in IT, innovation and our environmentally friendly green fleet.

Very informative and precise information. This will help a lot of people from scammers that are all over the place. With the technology today, we all should be getting services from reliable and trusted delivery service organizations.

APT10: Tracking down LODEINFO 2022, part II

Besides, the document send me was a FAKE too. Delivery will be made within 48 hours of confirmation and receipt of the Delivery and Insurance fees. Be aware that your deposited consignment box has been registered into our computer data manifesto, and currently waiting for Delivery and Insurance coverage. Meanwhile, you are expected to pay the sum of 940 US Dollars for Delivery and Insurance. In this report we provide technical analysis of the GamePlayerFramework deployed by an APT we call DiceyF, which is targeting online casinos in Southeast Asia.

My parcel was left outside complex…

In addition, names of company representatives and even company names themselves may also vary. Notifications of various problems (eg. unsuccessful delivery, lack of information, wrong address, no recipient at the delivery address). These phrases are usually related to the delivery since the companies in question are in the service sector. Therefore, a logistics company warning of a problem with a delivery doesn’t prompt any suspicion, especially if the email contains some details of the situation. Sent parcel to Lithuania and should of been delivered the next week.

He send pictures of the gifts and the videos that he send the parcels already to the shipping company. He said that the shipping company will contact me on whatsapp/gmail uss express reviews when the parcel will reached in our country. When the parcel arrived, the shipping company message me on whatsapp and ask me to pay 6,000 so they can deliver the package.

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