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What the Ethereum merge means for crypto institutions

Ethereum Hard Fork

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Is Ethereum soft fork?

Soft forks have been used on the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains, among others, to implement new and upgraded functionalities that are backward compatible.

Many venues have already listed new financial instruments related to the event, such as the ‘potential forked’ Ether tokens listed on Poloniex, which allow traders to swap their existing ether into I-owe-you assets. As Poloniex announced, ‘ETHS represents the token for the new PoS chain, and ETHW represents the token for the PoW chain that will potentially continue to exist’ in the event of a contentious hard fork. Regardless, those interested in a hard fork still have the power to go about their plans; it’s only a question of whether anyone will follow them. On the back of negative sentiment about the possible hard fork, the price of ETHW dropped by 62% on various crypto exchanges.

What ethereum’s update means for ETFs

Its current native asset, ether, is the second largest crypto asset globally with a total market capitalization of $207 billion. The faction asserts that instead of shifting the blockchain to proof-of-stake consensus, the blockchain devs should consider deploying a hard fork to establish equilibrium Ethereum Hard Fork and retain the Ethereum mining mechanic and existing proof-of-work consensus. The hard fork could lead to the devaluation of NFTs minted on the original blockchain as well as a host of scammers looking to take advantage such as those looking to “help you claim your new coins”.

  • Ethereum today took the first steps in implementing “The Merge” with the Bellatrix hard fork, set for the 6th of September.
  • Imagine that a different group believes that the proposed change does not meet the Utility-Maximization condition or the Generalization Condition.
  • Throughout revisions and appeals, proposals for changes can gain more legitimacy.
  • These include the Shanghai upgrade, which will allow for the withdrawal of staked ETH , as well as sharding, a scaling solution that will see the chain split into multiple sections.

What we hope is clear from the above discussion is that hard forks, in principle, allow network users and developers to modify almost any aspect of a blockchain protocol. Narrowly, these changes have been limited to software upgrades intended to improve the performance of the network, such as changes in the hashing algorithms used to verify blocks in the blockchain. However, as illustrated above, some proposed changes may involve a redistribution of value across network users. More generally, such “upgrades” could be used to change the pre-determined supply of cryptocurrency. Or, in principle, it would appear that users could agree to remove all cryptocurrency held in a specific wallet and re-allocate it to other users in the network. Again, these are feasible changes that could be implemented by way of a hard fork. The only limitation to these hard forks is whether there would be a consensus among network users to adopt such changes.

What is ether?

So it is more likely than not that ether prices have yet to reach their top. But EIP-1559 also implements a fee-burning mechanism which will result in coins being permanently removed from ether’s total circulating supply. The aim of EIP-1559 Is to transform ether into a less inflationary cryptocurrency. A significant update to the Ethereum blockchain is expected to launch on 4 August.

  • While the Antminer chip requires roughly the same energy consumption as typical GPU-based setups , its speed allows it to more efficiently mine blocks of Ethereum than standard, GPU-based setups3.
  • Utility-Maximization is straightforward, although applying the condition needs to be further elaborated once a specific real context is given.
  • However, as we mentioned earlier, earning cryptocurrency income is likely to be a taxable event.
  • This has pushed ETH up to test resistance at $150 recently, with support found at the $140 handle.
  • The Publicity Condition is useful to ensure the transparency of decision-making procedures, which allows involved parties to examine whether these procedures are coherent, sound, and grounded by evidence.
  • This was intended to introduce an exponential difficulty in the PoW block mining algorithm , which was designed to catalyse a transition from a PoW to a PoS network.
  • At that time, Ethereum network developers proposed changes to the blockchain consensus algorithm that would disable newly developed, innovative mining hardware.

The Ethereum ‘Ice Age’ technically refers to a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain network at block 200,000. This was intended to introduce an exponential difficulty in the PoW block mining algorithm , which was designed to catalyse a transition from a PoW to a PoS network. In addition, the PoS model is designed to reduce transaction fees on the blockchain network, improve scalability of network operations, and significantly improve available security features.

How to Ensure You Have Both Coins

The difficulty bomb means puzzles get more complicated over time, which in turn make it much harder for miners to solve them. So as more miners enter, both the computing power and energy required to compute transactions increase, but the rewards fall, making mining economically unviable. Proof-of-stake is considered more energy efficient and reduces the risk of attacks by miners on the network. The primary difference between the Ethereum mining process and the Bitcoin mining process is the nature of the cryptographic puzzle that miners must solve.

What is hard fork and soft fork?

A hard fork is a backward-incompatible upgrade to the blockchain, whereas a soft fork is a rule modification that is forward-compatible.

The miner then inputs this string into a SHA-256-like function to generate a 128 byte “mix,” denoted as Mix 0. This mix is used to determine which page of the existing DAG must be retrieved. Mix 0 is then combined with the retrieved DAG page using a special mixing function to generate the next Mix. The miner then examines the hash of the resulting mix to see if it meets the existing Ethereum hash target.

Ethereum Merge – Soft Fork For Now?

This has pushed ETH up to test resistance at $150 recently, with support found at the $140 handle. “There are proponents in the crypto tax community who are concerned HMRC may interpret the merge as a crypto-to-crypto trade, thus a taxable event.” Tony Dhanjal, Head of Tax at crypto tax software Koinly, told us. “In any case, a few possibilities exist, so I can only suggest clients speak with crypto expert accountants like UHY to help them navigate the tax aspect of this event”. Proof of Stake provides increased security and sustainability, as well as a 99.95% reduction in energy consumption. Given the prominence of ESG investing and the high costs of electricity, this is a great step towards making crypto more palatable to mainstream investors. Also as Marie Tatibouet, chief marketing officer of cryptocurrency exchange Gate points out on, miners can still accept tips, which may cause a “fees war”. Often seen as a bitcoin rival, ether is regarded as one of the more “serious” cryptocurrency projects, compared to the likes of other altcoins.

Ethereum Hard Fork

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